Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just a Note

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the kind comments to the last post. I was going to respond to them all individually, but I'm lazy. It's true that we've had a pretty crappy year, BUT we've had a good year, too. We are truly blessed as a family.

The diabetes thing isn't too bad. I only "failed" 2 of the 4 numbers. I'm on a "meal plan" that actually has forced me to take the time to eat and thus I am eating more than I was before the moratorium on Ben & Jerry. The only bummer about it is that I have to test my blood 4 times a day. Some of you may remember that I am a wimp, but it's not that bad - no medication, insulin shots, etc. In fact, my numbers have been on the low side (despite my afternoon "snack" today of 7 peanut butter cookies - shhhhhhh!). C. thinks that maybe I should just stay away from the test glucose cola crap that they make you take for the tests, since they seem to be what drive my blood sugar numbers up. I can live with that - that cola crap is NASTY! Actually my meal plan allows for ice cream occasionally. I just have to indulge "in moderation." Something tells me an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's is not exactly "in moderation" so I will try to adjust accordingly.

We'll be back to our normal silliness and inane babble here shortly. I'm working on a post, but I was so touched by all of your kind comments that I wanted to just give you an update on the real situation. I definitely think having a sense of humor is important - as I always say, I laugh to keep from crying! Again, thanks a bunch for your uplifting responses! You made my day and you guys are the BEST!

With much affection,



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