Monday, August 22, 2005

The Party's Over

When you look up the definition of Murphy's Law, you will most likely see a picture of our family. Skeptical? Here are some examples from the past year, some of these will be familiar to regular readers:

A child who can do soccer moves that would make your head spin will inevitably fall down the stairs causing a major injury requiring her to sit out most of the spring season (that you have already paid for). That same injury will cost you several hundreds of dollars in insurance co-pays for an extended period.

When you finally save enough for new windows that the house desperately needs, a huge tree will fall, barely missing your neighbor's house and will require an expensive removal.

When you again finally save enough for new windows that the house desperately needs, it will begin to rain in the living room signaling a more desperate need for a new roof. That new roof will not be cheap.

When you finally pay off a car, that car will require extensive repairs to remain on the road.

Conversely, when you find out the other vehicle is in need of extensive repairs, you will learn that you have exactly 29 days left on the warranty. As you are rejoicing over the perfect timing, you will learn that this is the ONE drive-train problem NOT covered by your warranty.

When you celebrate the pregnancy of friends in their late 30s, secretly thanking your lucky stars that it is not you (and perhaps snickering a bit), you will become pregnant within the month.

When you proudly announce to the entire Internet that you have only gained 7 pounds during your pregnancy, you will then gain 4 pounds the following week.

And finally:

After professing your intense love affair with Ben & Jerry's ice cream, exactly four days later you will be diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes.

The party's over.


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