Thursday, June 15, 2006

Count Down

There are exactly 6 hours and 45 minutes before the start of the kids' summer break. How can this be? I have not even begun to recover from the LAST summer break. I 'm not ready.

Why do they call it a BREAK anyway? What is this break? Who actually gets one? Certainly not the parents or anything.

And while I'm bitching, can anyone give me ANY good reason for the last two weeks of school besides cleaning out the cafeteria? I must admit that I get a bit of a charge when the kids come home and whine that they had to endure yet another "Manager's Choice." Hopefully they will appreciate my efforts at dinner that much more (fat chance). Both my 5th grader and my 8th grader have done nothing in school but watch movies and "hang out" for the last two weeks. Well, they've done more - factor in the class picnics, trips, play days, etc. and they honestly have no room for complaint. *sigh*

These kids have been getting out of school for "half days" for well over a week. Tomorrow - the official "last" day of school, my son will attend Middle School for exactly 2 hours and 15 minutes, while my 5th grader will be in class an hour and 45 minutes. They are both hoping to accomplish their goal of getting their yearbook signed.

This is what my tax dollars pay for? I swear to you that I still have the facial twitch from last year. The Prince & Princess don't seem to notice. I have already begun my "sermons." Tonight's included the declaration that they better NOT expect to lay around here all summer like royalty and eat us out of house and home (only eating crap mind you) because they are bored. In fact I DARE them to say they are bored. I've got their "bored." There are LOTS of things to do around here. I am looking forward to having slave labor. I even gave them assignments this evening. I told them that I expect a paper tomorrow listing snack foods that they will actually eat. These lists MUST include at least a few healthy things like fruits and veggies. We'll see what I get.

Tell me again, my friends, that I will survive. Please? There are only 1,944 hours until the new school year (but who's counting?). I should be able to handle that. Right?


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