Sunday, July 09, 2006

Guilty Pleasure

My friends, I have a new guilty Internet pleasure. Much like the proverbial train wreck, I am having trouble looking away. The site is called Don't Date Him Girl. This website profiles "alleged cheaters," all of whom are men. Women tell their stories, provide identifying info and can even submit pictures about the cheaters in their lives. It reads like a bad Maury episode.

perusing these stories (many of them painfully illiterate), I don't know whether to laugh, feel sorry for the women or want to slap them. Clearly the women utilizing these websites are lacking in self-esteem. My favorites are the profiles that include, "he will sleep with you the first night he meets you, refuse to wear a condom and then leave you when you get pregnant. He won't even buy a rattle or one pack of diapers!"



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