Sunday, July 24, 2005


Forgive me local grocer, for I have sinned. Today I did something I swore I would never do. I bought groceries at Wal-Mart. Of course your selection is so much better, your produce is fresher and you always have a friendly employee available to help me find items and carry my bags. I know I will never enjoy the same at...that place.

I swear it was not my fault. The blame falls on The Little One and her insatiable NeoPet card addiction. You see Toys R Us no longer carries them. We checked, really we did. It is amazing the amount of chores she will do unasked for a simple booster pack of this silly card game. And you know how desperate I am to reward her for that behavior. For her to actually do housework on her own is not only a small miracle, but it definitely deserves the highest encouragement and praise. Honestly, we did not plan to enter...that place. We were going to go to Big K instead, but we were RIGHT THERE and I was tired.

I honestly only intended to look for the game. How could I know that we had entered the store on the grocery side? I tried not to glance at the displays, I swear. But that bagel display was strategically placed right in my path! You remember the kid's favorite brand of bagel, the one you sell for $1.49? Well they were sitting right in front of me for NINTY-EIGHT CENTS per package! The next thing I knew, I was wandering around and the ingredients for tonight's dinner just fell into my cart. Can you imagine ground sirloin at almost a buck less per pound than I buy it from you?!

Do not fear, however. My loyalty lies with you, dear local grocer. You practice fair employee policies and you purchase merchandise from American manufacturers. You even purchase produce from local farmers, which I appreciate. Please know that I did suffer for my transgression, really I did. I could find no employee available to guide us to the collectible card game section. When we finally tracked one down, we were told "Iunno. Not in my section." We wandered around in aisles so jammed packed with people (not the nicest, cleanest people we've ever encountered either) that we could barely maneuver our cart. And rest assured that the cashier was rather rude and acted put upon when we went to check out. The final kick in the pants was losing 15 minutes of our lives searching for our car in that huge, confusing parking lot.

I have learned my lesson my beloved local grocer. I did save money, but the guilt I now feel in regards to you and our long-term relationship along with the hassle just wasn't worth it. I promise my dear sir, if you will find it in your heart to forgive me this one transgression, I swear that I will not sin again.


Your Long Term Customer Catt


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