Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Maternity Couture

I am at that "in between" stage of my pregnancy. I can't quite comfortably wear my old jeans and I am not quite desperate enough to wear those huge pregnancy pants my mother insisted on buying for me. I'm not having twins for God's sake. Instead, I have taken to wearing old clothing that I reserve for "housework." It's not that I actually DO much housework, but just in case the urge ever hits me, I have the attire for it.

Most of these clothing items have holes, ripped seams and bleach stains. Many of these stylish pieces are stretched beyond recognition and several of the ratty sweat pants are actually discards from my Hubby. This poses a problem for my children when I leave the house. Apparently they believe I am more unfit to be seen in public than usual. I don't understand what the big deal is. Isn't my comfort (and thus my mood) more important than couture? You would think so. Would they prefer I strut my "bump" for the world to enjoy like those celebrities wearing all those stretchy sequined outfits? I think not. But they are my children, so I am trying to accommodate them. It rained yesterday just before school let out, so I decided to go pick them up in the car. I modified my outfit to something more suitable than "housework clothes." I am afraid, however, that I made a fashion mistake that the Prince and Princess won't soon recover from.

I have this adorable t-shirt that has a screen-printed picture of the kids along with the words "We Love You Mommy" that was given to me years ago for Mother's Day. It is a bit "tight" now days, but I didn't let that stop me. How cute to have the innocent cherubic faces of my babies stretched over my belly carrying the new kid! I paired my precious t-shirt with a pair of my old jeans. I can still button them, though it does make breathing while sitting down a challenge.

You should have seen them when I went to pick them up from school. #1 Son gasped, grabbed a friend by the arm and ran the other way so fast it looked like a precision military maneuver. I think he was hyperventilating. The Little One took one look at me and I swear had some type of seizure. Neither one spoke to me the whole ride home from school.

Ingrates. Next time it rains, they can walk.


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