Monday, June 27, 2005

Awe Inspiring

We returned last night from the first of our "mini-vacations." We traveled to Baltimore, MD for the weekend. It was close, and none of us had really been tourists there before. What a terrific trip! We saw educational and interesting sites - Ft. McHenry of "Star Spangled Banner" fame, the Maritime Museum to tour ships and even a submarine. We toured Edgar Allen Poe's grave, which is located in a fascinating old churchyard and the fantastic National Aquarium. We even made it down to Annapolis for a fabulous early dinner with some very dear friends.

But my friends, I must tell you about the most amazing site that we visited. I had heard many things about this fabulous place and had even viewed the website in the past. I must tell you that the website does not do this monument justice. Truly one of the man-made wonders of the world, it was vast and breathtaking when visited in person. We got lost at one point in our self-guided tour, and yet everything we viewed was amazing. Everywhere we looked we saw simple, yet functional beauty. We were in awe.

Yes my friends, we discovered an Ikea showroom.


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