Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We Are So Proud

Today I had yet another look at the alien growing in my belly. It was scheduled as a routine ultrasound and The Little One went along to watch. She was AMAZED at what she saw. The baby is active, and everything continues to be normal. We already knew that the kid is a boy from the "amnio-fun-fest" I endured a few weeks ago, but the Sonographer was bound and determined to get a shot of the Whoo-Ha for his Daddy (and my FIL, who has made many jokes about protecting the family jewels).

As it turned out, the little bugger was not real cooperative (obviously a child of mine). He kicked, he rolled over, and he kept his knees together. BUT the BEST part was that he refused to let go of his little friend with his hand! Yes my friends, my child is seemingly fond of holding his Hoo-Ha. The Little One mentioned that, "oh YEAH that's definitely a boy!" After much laughter on our parts (sonographer included), the kid finally let go of the jewels long enough to get a picture. There are his thighs splayed open, his boyhood clearly visible and his hand hovering over the top of the jewels ready to stake his claim again.

Needless to say, my Hubby and his Dad are ecstatic. I wonder though...what does this incident reveal about this kid?


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